Two Springs conducted a survey on serving the LGBTQ community in May. We collected 114 responses from 81 churches, 5 countries and areas. Following shows the statistical results:

As far as you know, are there any brothers or sisters in your church who self-identify as LGBTQ+?

113 responses

As far as you know, do any of your friends identify themselves as LGBTQ+?

114 responses

Is there an LGBTQ+ ministry in your church?

114 responses

Does your church’s Sunday message teach about LGBTQ+?

114 responses

Church needs more video material to care for this group

In addition, 64.4% of the people believe that their churches need to provide relevant video materials for relevant groups and their families in caring for LGBTQ+. 63.5% believe that the church should hold relevant lectures; 58.8% believe that the help of relevant books and materials is needed. (This question is multiple choice).


It is urgent to equip brothers and sisters

According to the statistical results, we found that there are many LGBTQ+ friends around us who need our care. However, the counseling and resources provided by the church are very limited. This affects the preparation of brothers and sisters to evangelize gospel seekers and friends. Under the influence of the current trend, more and more teenagers are influenced by LGBTQ+ and other related messages. Without timely and truth-driven teaching and shepherding, our next generation will have an even tougher battle against this world. On the one hand, the church should have a positive understanding of the LGBTQ+ community by conducting various seminars and providing modern media and video materials. On the one hand, we must actively prepare knowledge, understand the real needs of the LGBTQ+ community and their families, and encourage the body to take the initiative to care for the LGBTQ+ community and learn to care for this community in the style of Jesus. It is our urgent work.