The True Meaning of the Rainbow

The True Meaning of the Rainbow Two Springs Media Fundraiser and Prayer DinnerWhat can Christians do in this year’s LGBTQ pride month?Let’s pray for the establishment of LGBTQ’s mission work, and support Two Springs Media’s film ministry to share Gospel to this group....

American Dad Casting

Production Dates: 7/31/2023-8/5/2023
“American Dad” Project
Summary: As a 10-minute pilot, it will display the storyline and conflicts among the main characters for the future 6-episode mini-movie series.
• Rates are negotiable
• Accommodations and meals are provided during the production.
• Transportation, end credits, IMDB credits and production insurance are provided
**All the applicants must be eligible to work in the US.

How to apply:
Please note your role of submission with No.1 & 2 requirements and send to The casting director will contact you.

TSM Interview with Dr. Fu


The Chinese Church & LGBTQ+ Questionnaire Result

We conducted a survey on serving the LGBTQ+ community in May. We collected 114 responses from 81 churches, 5 countries and areas. Following shows the statistical results:As far as you know, are there any brothers or sisters in your church who self-identify as LGBTQ+?...