One of Us

 The Mini-Movie Series

Evangelism with Dramatic Media

It is a relatively rare form of evangelism among Chinese Christians to use film or television format to tell a story. However, we realize that to preach the gospel to today’s generations who grew up with Internet and social media, we need a different platform to communicate the gospel message. Therefore, God called us to use a way different from the traditional and straightforward way of preaching, that is, to tell stories with images.


We believe that stories bring a power that touches the heart. In addition, with sensual creativity and imagination, stories allow this generation to “experience” truth through aesthetic involvement. We are eager to use the tools given by God to communicate with groups of diverse backgrounds, so that the audience can enter another world with ease, relate themselves to that world, and touch God’s unceasing love.


Nowadays, the term LGBTQ+ has become a sensitive topic. In an environment of intensified social conflicts, in order to serve this group of people, Christians are facing more resistance and hostility. However, the fact is, this group is unreached, unengaged, and isolated from the true gospel. 


It is the same to everyone, including people who identify themselves as gay that, we are all looking for a purpose and the meaning of our lives. The answer to this constant need remains in the gospel of Jesus Christ that frees people. Churches need to have the right tools and equipment to initiate a dialogue where broken hearts meet God’s love and truth.


Therefore, from 2017, Two Springs Media began to develop this six-episode mini-series. It is a story of a Chinese immigrant family in the United States. Over the six episodes, the story explores identity, family, love, gender identity and sexual orientation. It can become an outreach tool for the church to care for the LGBTQ+ community. We hope that friends who were not normally church goers will be willing to come to the church to watch a good movie series for six consecutive weeks. Each episode comes with a set of post-viewing interactive discussion questions and a group leader’s guidebook for leaders to use.


Expected publishing platforms:

DVD, online streaming, Christian movie platforms such as Christian Cinema, Pureflix, etc.