The True Meaning of the Rainbow

The True Meaning of the Rainbow

The True Meaning of the Rainbow

Two Springs Media Fundraiser and Prayer Dinner

What can Christians do in this year’s LGBTQ pride month?
Let’s pray for the establishment of LGBTQ’s mission work, and support Two Springs Media’s film ministry to share Gospel to this group.

Dr. Christopher Yuan said, “Many of us pray for our loved ones and friends, and we must continue to do so with persistence and anticipation. But how many in the gay community have not a single Christian praying for them? I wonder what would happen if the church committed to pray for the gay community, specifically for those we know who are gay. Wouldn’t it be amazing if a revival broke out?”

If you know someone who belongs in this group, now is the time to start praying for them! Join us this May 27th!

Dinner is provided but RSVP is required. Welcome to join remotely to pray with us.

The RSVP link:

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