Students response from watching the movie “A better Home”

Last semester Sue-Mei Wu, the teaching professor at Carnegie Mellon University used “A Better Home” as one of her Chinese class’s teaching material. Below is the link of the responses from her undergraduate students after watching the movie in Chinese, along with other topics. Take a look at these essays cause they are very cute and inspiring!

Interview with John Cantine

Chiapi interviewed John Cantine in his office at Pittsburgh Filmmakers about film education and experimental filmmaking. He is currently an assistant Professor at Pittsburgh Filmmakers.

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Pittsburgh – A Better Home

Since the shutdown of manufacturing operations in the 70s, Pittsburgh continues to see its population decline and has become a “dying city” in the national consciousness. During this time, however, its Asian community kept expanding, becoming the region’s second fastest growing minority group. Today, around ten thousand Chinese reside in metropolitan Pittsburgh, much to the surprise of the area’s predominantly white European immigrant population.